Instructions pour divers modèles de ma création.
Elles sont offertes sous une licence Creative Commons, merci d'en lire et respecter les conditions.

Star  Owesen star for beginners Fibonacci vase 2 Hexagonal star box 
Box with coussinet Pagode lid Clover snowflake 5 10 pointed star prototype tessellation Bodleian box variation Circular 3-cornered dish by me Easter basket
A tribute to Philip Shen Lys box Octatobox The return of the 5 butterflies
Geneva tato-box Dish from circle Bénitier Coupe de Poitiers
nytatobox Dessus Leafy boxes Four-leaves tato-box
Prims box Pochette Hanging basket Iso-area octahedral container 2.0
A box for Lorenzo Closed pentagonal box Star unlimited
Octagonal CD case Spiral wreath Sudoku quilt Trigonal dipyramid boxes
Star-tato, completed ! 6-pointed crown Lotus Victoria's tato-box
Lyon origami convention A4 contest Sun step 9, completed Binzbox
Copper tessellation CP, folded Double star from pentagon, backlit Advent wreath Chopin tato-box
Robin box Feminino hexagonal Jaramillo-Palacios box Tabiano bowl
Pandora's rhombicuboctahedron Maltese star Berlin bowl 14-sided semi-regular tato-box
Antiprism take-out box Antiprism starbox Navette Octagonal tato-box
Fidenza box CHARLIE pencil pot Double-twist heptagonal box Double-twist pentagonal boxes Tirelire (tip jar)
Recycling bins Stackable pentagonal boxes Star from triangles N° 4 Bird-base star variation
Four coasters in a box Pentabox with star Zürich box Rhombox
Paris box Mendelssohn box Twist antiprism boxes Toledo tapas bowl
Cubic box Easy crown